What is Taste Test

Since January 2010, the team at Bibendum has spent countless hours developing and testing a consumer and wine profiling system suitable for consumers in the United Kingdom.
The big idea was to try and discover the individual taste profiles of UK adults and match these profiles to different styles of wine.

To do this Bibendum needed to do three things:

  1. Create a simple diagnostic survey that calculated an individual’s taste profile
  2. Devise a way of analysing the flavour components of a wine to calculate its taste profile
  3. Bring these two aspects together to allow individuals to discover the style of wines best suited to their taste profile

This has taken many thousands of man-hours and involved the input of over 25 experts with in excess of 300 years wine industry experience - including three Masters of Wine!

After trialing the system with thousands of consumers both online and at tastings across the United Kingdom, the company has launched Taste Test by Bibendum.

Taste Test is a ground-breaking way of approaching wine. It helps people new to or confused by wine to find the right wine for them – whilst helping consumers already engaged to discover new and exciting wines that are perfect for their taste profile!